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Since its first release in 2018 Verum has had very good response from the public with more than 200,000 views and 17,000 monthly listeners.

Each song seeks to connect with the audience on different levels, from "Take me back" with the #TMBchallenge that reached 231,000 people to "No Sleep" that was a new proposal combining sounds of Trap, House and even some Dubstep and has remained for several months on the list "Trappers Mexa". Similarly, Verum entered TrapNation in its Latin edition "LatinNation" in a joint project with Sinego.

For the new 2020 concept Verum seeks to show a vulnerable side to the public, an image with which they can relate and feel identified. The eye plays a very important role as it roughly shows the insecurities and concerns that everyone has and that is why it has been an essential part of the project.

The author is gradually changing the lyrics of each song, since with this new proposal the lyric becomes one of disaffection after a break-up in which pride is stronger than reason.

This new musical style opens the doors to change the DJ sets to Live sets, giving you an added value and competitive advantage like very few others.

"I have developed in the art of creating. Experimenting with sounds from pop and reggaeton to dubstep and experimental electronics. I don't believe in music genres, I feel that the key to expressing your emotions is to revolutionize them to your sound.

I've always sought to make a sentimental connection with my music while using new sounds and experimenting to give the audience something new to take out of their comfort zone.

It's music to let out what can't be let out in everyday life, it's my life poured out in ink and Ableton. Don't expect anything from me, just expect that every song I put out will make you feel."

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