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Francesco Chiari better known as Masterfrenc is a music producer, composer, film scoring, arranger and bass player for different artists.


At the age of six, he recorded as a child's voice in various jingles and bumpers for television broadcasts and since then has worked in the artistic environment of music, film, TV and advertising. She began her career as a bassist at the age of 17, participating in tours of singers of the stature of: Scialpi, Paola Turci, Ambra Angiolini, Massimo Di Cataldo, Bungaro, among others.


In 2004 MasterFrenc began its collaborations in the Mexican market as co-producer, arranger, programmer, bassist and guitarist and composer for artists such as Miguel Islas, Kalimba, Alejandra Guzmán, Erik Rubin, Yuridia, Reik; Aneeka, Anahí, Mike Sierra, Bárbara Muñoz, Miró, Gustavo Galindo among others.​

Masterfrenc, returns to the stages as a bass player with the Dejavu tour of the group of Jeans in which they perform in several places in Mexico, including the National Auditorium in Mexico City where the CD + DVD was recorded with the name of the tour.


Also in 2017 he begins accompanying Fey with the bass in his solo performances throughout the country.

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