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Hugo Molina, 24 years old and born in Mexico City, showed an extraordinary passion for music since he was born; his life has always been and will be around music.


He is an Air Operations Officer, and is in the process of completing the pilot’s career. Although aviation has opened many doors for him, Hugo has never felt as fullfiled as he does while when creating music, this is why he has decided to dedicate his life to singing and telling the world that he has much to give, that is: Hugo Molina.


In his recent beginnings as a singer, Hugo has released two EP´s, titled "TRIPLE" and "TRIPLE Vol.II"; with which he has earned the affection and taste of his audience. He is co-writer of the single "¿QUÉ PASARÍA?" In both edition´s. mariachi and acoustic.


He has more than 50,000 streams on Spotify, and more than 20,000 views on YouTube. 

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