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Global Popwriter & Top40 Producer based in Amsterdam, with Mexican roots. A multi-instrumentalist with classical and contemporary training, he graduated from SACM's Composition Workshop, 'Writing and Producing Master Certificate' at Berklee College of Music and Distinction Cum Laude at the 'Advanced Music Production' at Abbey Road Institute Amsterdam. Exclusive Dance Artist and DJ at Roton Music Romania.

He has written and produced for Mexican pop artists such as Faisy, Edith Marquez and Aziz Guerra, and international artists such as Tugevaag, Marta Gałuszewska/MVRT, Chelsea DiBlasi and The Second Level. In Regional Mexicano he shares credits with La Sonora Dinamita, Dwayne Verheyden. His upcoming artist project includes collaborations with European artists such as Maydar, Maria Mathea and Oceana.

By 2021 he has international releases scheduled with artists from Germany, Spain, the United States, Mexico and Sweden, all under the ideology of diversity and gender inclusion.

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